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Dr. Tuan Nguyen


Dr. Nguyen has been a resident of Dallas since 1980, from pre-school all the way through dental school. He loves everything that Dallas has to offer. Dr. Nguyen graduated from University of Texas in 1999 and obtained his B.S in Neuroscience. In 2004, he graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry and received his DDS. 

Rather than routine yearly courses, Dr. Nguyen attends monthly continuing education to stay on top of current research and technology. His continuing education is focused on all facets of dentistry. He is a member of Seattle Study Club (which is a well known national study club). He also retains current membership with these professional organizations: ADA (American Dental Association) , DCDS ( Dallas County Dental Society), AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), AGD ( Academy of General Dentistry), and ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists).

His emphasis on patient comfort as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry enable him to provide his patients with the best quality of care in the field. Dr. Nguyen has a wide range of experience in different areas of dentistry, from cosmetic and restorative dentistry to surgical treatments and root canal treatments.

Our treatment philosophy has always been quality service for our patients. We like our patients to feel as if they’re “part of the family”. No long wait times, comprehensive dental care at one location, and highest quality products. 

Dr. Nguyen

Dr. Patricia Hills


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Our Staff

Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are kind, friendly, and caring. Our staff is here to ensure a pleasant experience during your visit to our office.

Our team includes experienced and energetic people whose goal is to communicate well with our patients and provide the best care possible.